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Wearing tactical gear

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When it comes to summer, you’re going to be sweating it out come July and August. This is the time to make sure that your tactical gear is also breathable. My best advise for wearing tactical gear during this time is to make sure you get used to the heat. If you have to wear a bullet proof vest, then make sure you pack lots of drinking water along. You have to account for the water you sweat out on the job.

Wearing tactical gear

While others are going to the beach and doing other fun activities, to you, summer might mean a bit of discomfort. Those who are not used to the heat should try visualizations.

Imagine yourself in the lap of luxury on a beautiful Caribbean island. The water is pristine and the amenities are inviting. If you can start to view the heat as a sign of the high life, then it will help you appreciate it. These are just some thoughts for all those on the job in hot weather. Make sure you do your meditation off duty though and not in the heat of combat.