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Cheap bulletproof vests

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Your safety is always the vital responsibility and priority, depending on the kind of occupation, career, or status that might expose you to threats. It is hard to trust the sources of information and security employed to protect you from such threat levels. Hence, to guarantee your safety, it would be good to wear bulletproof vest body armor against attack(s) to reduce the risk of jeopardizing your life. However, bulletproof vest their guarantee depends on the quality and price, making it sometimes hard to acquire them. It would still help if you did not worry because there are good quality and cheap bulletproof vests available in the market, approximately ranging from $180-$300.


There are many types of cheap bulletproof vests. Still, a good example is NIIJ IIIA Aramid/Kevlar, which is certified according to the NIJ standard that mostly focuses on its durability and performance quality. This cheap bulletproof vest has a thickness of 0.5 inches, which can protect you against 44Magnum, .357SIG, and 9mm FMJ and other lethal handmade weapons. However, this vest can’t protect you against heavy rifle fire, so it is advisable to add armor plates against such attacks.

It is ergonomically designed with a unique breathable lining (Spacer 3D mesh) that is 1mm thick for absorbing sweat, moisture and acting as an insulator. Furthermore, the neck and chest are made of soft fabric to provide comfort while walking. This cheap bulletproof vest features six-point adjustable straps for customized 360-degree fit and lightweight, making it concealable to be worn under jackets, sweaters, or other similar clothing comfortably.

Even if you settle to purchase a cheap bulletproof vest, it would be advisable to consider some extra features as NIIJ IIIA Aramid Kevlar has compared to other cheap body armors. Such guarantees are worth spending and rely on.